Harness your sense of smell for health and well-being

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Hi! I’m Frauke, Smell Coach and Certified Level II Aromatherapist. I'm passionate about teaching people how to use their sense of smell, with the support of essential oils and nature, to feel more joy, vitality and calm.


What F.A.L.K. Means:

A Holistic Philosophy


Lift the spirit. To feel is to be alive. Emotional wellbeing is an integral part of holistic health. I believe that by connecting with your emotions through your sense of smell, you have the power to shift your attitude and determination in new ways.


Focus the mind. I believe that when you understand your experiences, you perceive them in new ways. And by learning to shift your thoughts, you build an awareness for what really matters and what can serve you well.


Rebalance the body. Our life is first and foremost embodied, and how we sense the world has a direct impact on our body. I believe that by nourishing, protecting and resolving physical imbalance, your body is able to harmonize its vital energy.


Make connections. Building on the kindness we create for ourselves, it’s important to extend that to others, and our environment. We humans are wired for community and how we interact with others, and with nature, has a direct impact on our wellbeing.

Stay Curious!

Explore the many health and wellness articles about our sense of smell, aromatherapy, anosmia and more.



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Intro to Essential Oils

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Effective & Safe Diffusing

Learn to get more out of diffusing your essential oils for emotional & mental wellbeing in this intro online class. Start anytime.

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Pain & Inflammation

Learn effective ways to use essential oils to support many types of acute and chronic pain & inflammation issues. Start anytime.

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Every week I explore our sense of smell from different angles, including science, art, literature, movies, health, and more. I'll explore how it impacts our life, including the ways we perceive the world and how we interpret what we experience.

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