Episode #1: The Underappreciated Sense

In this first episode, I explore why our sense of smell is such an underappreciated sense in our culture. 

I discuss why so many young people are willing to give up their sense of smell, what our language says about what senses we prioritize, what it was like back in time when smells (and smelling) were an integral part of society, and what two periods in history shaped how we value our sense of smell, and smells, today.

I also explore what role COVID-19 has played in shifting the conversation about smell. 

At the end, I reflect on how we got to where we are today, and I offer two simple exercises you can do to apply what you've learned.

I hope this episode gives you a new perspective on where this beautiful sense ranks today (but we're going to change that, right?!). 


#1: The Underappreciated Sense

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