Episode #2: A World With No Smells

In this episode, I talk to comedian Dia Kline about what it feels like to live in a world without smells.

It's a fascinating (and hilarious) conversation that explores what it's like to grow up with congenital anosmia, the inability to smell since birth.

Dia explains how she interprets smells, despite never having smelled anything, and what it's like to navigate a world surrounded by people who can smell.

She shares the first time, as a child, that she realized there was this thing called smells. She takes us through the challenges of being on her own, dating and becoming a mother. And she reveals her curiosity about fragrances and her obsession with armpits.

Needless to say, this episode is packed with a punch and plenty of giggles.

But don't be fooled because Dia has a message for those of us who can smell, and there's a lot we can learn from her. 

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#2: A World With No Smells

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