Episode #24 On Passion for Scent & Community with Glenn Davis aka Mrcologne76

In this episode, I sit down with Glenn Davis, aka Mrcologne76 to talk about taking a lifelong passion for fragrance and harnessing it to create a unique voice and community around scent.

Glenn shares his memories of the smells he experienced in his early years growing up in Trinidad, and during his time in the Navy in Hawaii, Japan, and Spain. And he reveals the special person who got him hooked on fragrances at a very early age.

He shares what it means to be a nurse and how fragrance plays a part in the work that he does.

Glenn also explains what path led him to take his personal passion for fragrance and turn it into a leading, credible, and trusted voice in the fragrance community.

He shares why you shouldn't pay attention to all those marketing ads and, instead, simply enjoy what you smell.

You'll get tips on how to evaluate fragrances, how to approach new, unfamiliar scents (yes, it's about being open-minded), and how to evolve your scent preferences with time.

Don't forget to listen all the way to the end to learn what 5 scents best describe Glenn. You may, or may not, be surprised!

This episode will leave you feeling inspired to take your aromatic passions and letting them blossom into your own authentic voice.   


#24 On Passion for Scent & Community with Glenn Davis aka Mrcologne76

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