Episode #27 Smell Training for Smell Loss

In this episode, I explain everything you need to know about smell training if you've lost your sense of smell.

I describe what the therapy is, who it's best suited for, and answer the question "does it really work?" by going through a few of the scientific studies.

I then takes you through what's involved in doing the therapy, including both the physical and psychological aspects.

If you've lost your sense of smell, whether from COVID-19 or through other means, or maybe you have a poor sense of smell, or suffer from parosmia, smell training might be a good option for you to explore. 

And, if you can smell, please share this episode with someone who can't and could benefit from the information. 

Disclaimer: The content in the podcast, and on this webpage, are not intended to constitute or be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

#27 Smell Training for Smell Loss

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