Episode #29 Aromatherapy Around the World

In this episode, Frauke invites 5 aromatherapists from around the world to join in a conversation about smell, aromatics, and the field of Aromatherapy.

Joining Frauke in the roundtable discussion are aromatherapists Elaine Le Feuvre from Guernsey, Channel Islands, Merja Hadeq from Morocco (via Norway & UK), Gladys Tan from Hong Kong (via Singapore), Julia Falkenstein from Germany, and Dori Bell from the USA. 

They talk about the journey that led them to become an aromatherapist, including what smells influenced their love of all things aromatic along the way.

They define what the sense of smell represents from their perspective, and talk about what aromatherapy personally means to them, which includes a moving story of smell loss and recovery (twice!).

They also discuss how aromatherapy is practiced in their part of the world, revealing how varied, and often misunderstood, the field really is.

Finally, they have an honest conversation about the biggest mistakes they see people make when using essential oils, and share what advice they would give.

Don't forget to listen all the way to the end when each aromatherapist answers Frauke's three aromatic questions which reveal a more personal side. 

#29 Aromatherapy Around The World

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