Episode #34: Living With Hyperosmia (Heightened Sensitivity To Smells)

In this episode, Frauke sits down with Lucie Kratochvílová from the Czech Republic to talk about living with a rare smell dysfunction called hyperosmia, where you have a heightened sensitivity to smells.

Lucie shares what daily life is like when you can smell everything, good and bad, and how she copes.

She reveals what smells are most difficult and which ones she enjoys.

She also shares the system she's created to help her manage day-to-day, and how she keeps her nose happy.

Listen as Lucie reveals her little secret, the "3-second smell", and explains what the sense of smell means to her.  

She also tells what she wants people to know about hyperosmia.

Listen all the way to the end where Lucie shares what smells she really loves and what place her nose is the happiest. You might be surprised.

Enjoy this heart-warming and thought-provoking conversation about a smell dysfunction that deserves its spotlight for more empathy and understanding. 

#34: Living With Hyperosmia (Heightened Sensitivity To Smells)

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