Episode #38: Smelling Wild with Ernesto Collado

In this episode, Frauke sits down with perfumer and founder of Bravanariz, Ernesto Collado, to discuss the joy of capturing the smell of the wild landscape of the Catalonia coast in northeast Spain.

Ernesto shares what the sense of smell means to him and reveals how his grandfather, a famous perfumer, was an early influence on his love of nature's smells.

He describes what it was like to lose his sense of smell and experience phantosmia, and how that experience made him appreciate his sense of smell even more.

Ernesto discusses the importance of smelling the world around us and why he's so passionate about recovering what he calls “smelling culture.”

He shares why he created his brand Bravanariz ("Brave Nose"), what he aims to communicate with his fragrances, and why he feels we need to be brave enough to smell.

Frauke and Ernesto also talk about the element of time, how nature shows us the way, and why we should connect with the inner cycles of each season.

This is a passionate and engaging conversation that I promise will motivate you to connect more with your sense of smell.

#38: Smelling Wild with Ernesto Collado

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