#39: Exploring Australian Sandalwood with Guy Vincent

In this episode, Frauke sits down with the CEO of Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils, Guy Vincent, to talk about the Australian sandalwood industry and much more.

Dutjahn is unique in the industry in that it's a Western Australian based sandalwood oil distillation company that is 50% Indigenous-owned.

Guy talks in detail about the significance of that partnership and the importance of collaboration for mutual benefit, as well as many other aspects of the sandalwood trade in Australia.

But he also shares his scent-filled journey that led him to his current role. Guy reveals that he's always been highly in tune with his sense of smell, having been led by his nose from an early age.

He shares scent-filled stories of living in Thailand, Paris, Grasse, England and the U.S. and training as an aromatherapist and perfumer along the way.

Guy also gives insights into the role that sandalwood plays in Australian culture, the issue of illegal trade & adulteration, as well as what it takes to conserve and sustainably harvest the wood for its precious essential oil.

This is a conversation steeped in reverence for this sacred tree and the Aboriginal people who've served as its steward from the start.

#39: Exploring Australian Sandalwood with Guy Vincent

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