Episode #4: How Smelling Influences Eating

In this episode, I discuss the role your sense of smell plays in enjoying food - not only while you're eating, but even when you're preparing it. 

I'll explain how we smell two ways, why our perceptions of smells are so different depending on how we smell our food, and I'll reveal an interesting insight about why humans are so unique in terms of smelling (it involves a bone, speech and choking - can you guess?).

Learn how our brain perceives food aromas depending on where it's from, what shapes our enjoyment of food, and why it even matters.

The episode also includes a few fun exercises to try out.

At the end, as always, I'll reflect on the learning and provide guidance on how to apply it in your everyday life, including some cooking tips to enhance your eating experience.


#4: How Smelling Influences Eating

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