#40: Representation, Culture and Identity in Scent with Dana El Masri

In this episode, Frauke sits down with perfumer and interdisciplinary artist Dana El Masri to talk about representation, culture, and identity through the lens of scent.

As a Lebanese-Egyptian born in Budapest, raised in Dubai, and working in New York and Montreal, Dana shares her aromatic life journey that led her to ultimately create her brand Jazmin Sarai.

She reveals how she uses the brand as a platform to empower her community through representation and collaboration, while also educating her audience on issues of culture and identity.

Dana also talks about the "oriental" movement she helped initiate in the fragrance industry, and shares why it's so important to push the industry forward in a modern and mindful way.

She shares how her ultimate goal is to swap the euro-centric lens of perfumery with a multi-faceted, multicultural, flourishing universe of narratives where all are represented and where stories, ultimately, are more authentically told. 

No matter the industry you're in, this episode will open your mind and expand your perspective.

#40: Representation, Culture and Identity in Scent with Dana El Masri

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