#41: What does the sense of smell mean to you?

It's the 1 year anniversary of An Aromatic Life! And to mark the occasion, Frauke wants to celebrate our beautiful sense of smell.

So, in this New Year episode, she's sharing a synthesis of what various guests have answered to the question "What does the sense of smell mean to you?

You might be surprised to learn that there are a lot of different ways that people connect with their sense of smell. It’s a very complicated sense and we each have our own personal relationship with smelling, depending on where we are on the smell spectrum, and also based on the type of work that we do.

Frauke's hope is that you continue to engage with your sense of smell, that you reflect on what it offers you, and most importantly, that you appreciate that you have it, if you do, because it’s a privilege to be able to smell.

#41 What Does The Sense Of Smell Mean To You?

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