#44: Smelling Raw

In this episode, Frauke sits down with actor, certified sommelier, and natural perfumer Rachel Binder to discuss the importance of having real-world olfactory experiences in a more holistic way.

Combining her unique professional experiences, Rachel discusses the value of smelling blind to remove preconceived notions, the benefit of connecting with the "energy imprint" of plants, and moving beyond the industrial mindset of fractionated, isolated viewpoints.

She also shares her perspective on the ill effects of colonialism on sourcing natural ingredients and telling accurate scent stories.

Rachel furthermore reveals why she treats natural perfumery like wine making, and how working with the rhythms of nature bring her closer to the true olfactory experience.

This episode will leave you reflecting on how you truly want to perceive the smells around you, and it will probably make you want to dig in the dirt a little more. Enjoy!

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#44: Smelling Raw with Rachel Binder

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