#46: Anosmia Awareness with Jacob LaMendola

In this bonus episode, to celebrate Anosmia Awareness Day, Frauke sits down with award-winning filmmaker and congenital anosmic Jacob LaMendola to talk about all things anosmia.

Frauke shares the story of how Jacob's award-winning short film "Anosmia" changed her life and influenced the work she's doing now.

Jacob talks about what brought him to make the film, how it's shaped him, and impacted so many people's lives.

He also shares his personal anosmia story, incl. growing up at a time when there was little to no understanding of anosmia.

Jacob also explains what sense of smell means to him, how he responds when people ask him about smells, and what questions are least helpful for anosmics to hear.

Importantly, Jacob shares what those who can smell can do to support the anosmia community (hint: it begins with awareness), and what he wants those living with anosmia to know.

Watch Jacob's award-winning short film Anosmia

Watch Jacob's latest documentary on Netflix: Long Shot

Learn more about Jacob's work here: https://jacoblamendola.com/

#46: Anosmia Awareness with Jacob LaMendola

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