#47: Opening Up Hearts & Minds Through Scent with Terees Western

In this episode, Frauke sits down with perfumer Terees Western to talk about her mission to help people open up their hearts & minds and have new experiences through scent and flavor.

Terees takes us on a scented journey through her childhood growing up in Detroit and spending summers with her grandparents in Alabama.

She also shares a unique perspective on what the sense of smell means to her.

Terees explains how she went from being a Corporate Executive in the auto industry to taking the leap and becoming a perfumer and starting her company FragranTed.

Frauke and Terees discuss the importance of making perfumery more approachable by making the experience fun and enjoyable.

Terees also shares how she celebrates the incredible people of the black diaspora through her fragrance line Genteil, which she launched during a period of social reckoning in 2020.

This episode will leave your heart full and your nose inspired to engage with scents in new ways.

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#47: Opening Hearts & Minds Through Scent with Terees Western

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