#48: An Archive of Curious Scents with Mandy Aftel

In this episode, Frauke sits down with award-winning natural perfumer, educator, and author Mandy Aftel to talk about her amazing museum in Berkeley, California called the Aftel Archive of Curious Scents, plus a whole lot more.

Mandy takes us through her creative journey that led her to the work she's doing now, incl. why she insists on keeping things small.

She reveals how much has changed since she started in perfumery and gives advice for those looking to start their own perfume brand.

Mandy explains what she believes people get wrong about natural essences, including isolates, and shares insights on what's important to understand.

She also reveals her obsession with quality and working with upcycled materials.

Most importantly, Mandy shares what prompted her to create her incredible museum and tells us what you can expect to find there (hint: it includes a jewel pomander from the 16th century and an oud exhibit to die for).

Needless to say, this episode is jam-packed with goodies you don't want to miss and there's a good chance it'll leave you heading to Berkeley, California very soon.

#48: An Archive of Curious Scents with Mandy Aftel

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