#49: Exploring Olfaction in Nigeria with Deola "Abela" Paul-Inyang

In this episode, Frauke sits down with Nigerian perfumer, teacher, mentor, and artistic curator Deola “Abela” Paul-Inyang to talk about all things olfaction in Nigeria.

Abela reveals how the smells of her childhood, and the influence of her mother, informed the work she does today.

She also explains how she went against traditional norms to follow her heart (and nose) for more creative pursuits, and shares how her determination to know the how and why of olfactory materials led her to establish the Abela Fragrance Academy & Abela Centre for Olfactory Art.

Abela shares what the Nigerian Perfume industry is like today, explains how she became a better perfumer once she had access to olfactory materials, and explains why all of her olfactory platforms come from a place of need.

Frauke and Abela also discuss the impact Euro-centric fragrance products have on Nigerians truly understanding "what Africa smells like."

Abela also shares her passion for helping people with smell loss, and reveals that she's dedicated to continuing to expand her olfactory platforms to include anosmia as well.

This is a heartwarming conversation that will leave you truly inspired!

#49: Exploring Olfaction in Nigeria with Deola "Abela" Paul-Inyang

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