#50: Making Sense of Smells with Charlie Atkins

In this episode, Frauke sits down with congenital anosmic Charlie Atkins to answer her curiosities about smells.

Charlie was born without a sense of smell and had a bunch of questions about smells she wanted to ask Frauke. These are everyday curiosities about odors that we, as smellers, frankly don't think about much. Questions like "What does it feel like to smell?", "How long do food smells last?", "How do you buy products to avoid clashing smells?", "How does smell travel and stick to things?" and a whole lot more!

This was really hard! But Frauke is always up for a challenge. It certainly makes you think a lot more about this beautiful sense that so many of us take for granted.

And the great thing about this conversation is that it allows everyone across the smell spectrum to gain new perspectives. So, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. I don't think you'll be disappointed. 

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#50: Making Sense of Smells with Charlie Atkins

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