#51: Democratizing Scent with Saskia Wilson-Brown

In this episode, Frauke sits down with The Institute for Art and Olfaction director and founder Saskia Wilson-Brown to discuss the democratization of scent.

Saskia takes us through her early years living with a Cuban father and British mother, reveals how traveling a lot shaped who she is, and shares how her relationship to smell really changed in her teenage years going to school in Paris (hint, it involves supermodels).

She also explains what brought her to finally settle down in Los Angeles and eventually start the IAO.

Saskia discusses what she believes people get wrong about the sense of smell, what potential she sees in this beautiful sense, whether smelling, and scent for that matter, is a human right, as well as why perfume is more than just the liquid in a bottle.

This conversation is all about shifting paradigms and questioning the status quo. So grab your favorite beverage and enjoy a thought-provoking hour that won't disappoint. 

Visit The Institute for Art & Olfaction website https://artandolfaction.com/

Read the New York Times article: Can Scent Be Democratized?

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#51: Democratizing Scent with Saskia Wilson-Brown

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