#52 On Being a Designated Nose

In this episode, Frauke sits down with designated noses Mark Wiegers, who lives with his partner Dia, who has congenital anosmia, Kiki Poupazis, who lives with her daughter Thelma, who has acquired anosmia, and Mark Winnington, who lives with his fiance Anne Louise, who has parosmia to talk about what it's like, as a person able to smell, to live with a person experiencing a smell dysfunction.

We discuss what it was like at the beginning, how they manage day-to-day in supporting their partner/child, what roles and responsibilities they have, and, most importantly, what advice they can offer to others who might also be a designated nose.

So, whether you, yourself, are experiencing a smell dysfunction, or you’re a designated nose, or maybe you’re friends with someone who has anosmia or parosmia. Or perhaps you don’t know anyone, but you just want to learn and gain some understanding. Whatever the reason, I want to thank you for listening because this is an important conversation that I know can help a lot of people.  

#52 On Being a Designated Nose

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