#53 Smell Everything with Lula Curioca

In this episode, Frauke sits down with Mexico City based olfactory artist, perfumer and designer Lula Curioca to discuss the importance of smelling everything.

She explains what the sense of smell means to her, what potential she sees for this beautiful sense, and describes what smelling everything actually means.

Lula takes us through her aromatic life journey, being born in Mexico and raised in Spain, and reveals how she used her sense of smell to restore her forgotten relationship with her native country when she eventually moved back to Mexico as a young adult. She vividly describes the smells of Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Tapachula (cardamom chewing gum!), making you long to take an olfactory tour.

Lastly, Lula shares how she explores the link between textiles and olfaction, creating long-lasting olfactory objects conceived as an extension of the human identity.

This episode will leave you wanting to connect with your sense of smell in exciting new ways... and, of course, smelling everything.

Visit Lula's website: Lula Curioca Olfactory Studio

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Connect with Lula on Instagram @lulacurioca

#53 Smell Everything with Lula Curioca

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