#54: The Brain & Olfaction with Professor James Goodwin (Part 1)

In Part I of a two-part series, Frauke sits down with renowned brain expert Professor James Goodwin to give a historical perspective on our understanding of the brain and sense of smell (because smelling is in the brain).

Dr. Goodwin shares how the scientific community evolved in their perception of the brain and olfactory system, what evolutionary role our sense of smell has played to make us who we are today, and why smelling is so different to our other senses (and other mammals).

This episode is rich with important facts and stories of castrated pigs, the smell of blood, the Berlin Wall, and tamping rods blown through heads which will, no doubt, leave you very intrigued.

At the end Dr. Goodwin shares the three biggest scientific findings in the last 20 years that have revolutionized how we look at brain health, which will definitely make you curious for Part II to come. 

Learn more about Professor James Goodwin: https://www.drjamesgoodwin.com/

Learn about the Brain Health Network: https://brain.health

Read Professor James Goodwin's new book: Supercharge Your Brain - How To Maintain a Healthy Brain Throughout Your Life

#54: Pt 1 - The Brain & Olfaction with Professor James Goodwin

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