Episode #6: Aromatherapy & Oriental Medicine

In this episode, I talk to author and renowned Clinical Aromatherapist Gabriel Mojay about all things smell-related through the lens of Aromatherapy intersecting with Oriental Medicine.

We dive deep into how essential oils can be integrated with the Traditional Chinese Medicine theories of the 5 Elements and Yin & Yang, as well as explore the concept of fragrance energetics.

Gabriel also shares his perspective on how the field of Aromatherapy has changed over the years and what he's most excited about in terms of where it is today.

Whether you're familiar with Gabriel's work, or you're being introduced to him for the first time, you'll learn a lot about new ways to harness our sense of smell and essential oils for wellbeing.

Plus, you'll gain insights into a more personal side of the man and understand how his journey led him to where he is today.  


#6: Aromatherapy & Oriental Medicine with Gabriel Mojay

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