#70: Smellscapes with Dr. Kate McLean

In this episode, Frauke sits down with artist and designer Dr. Kate McLean to discuss smellscapes and the value you can derive from them.
Kate explains what smellscapes are, how she goes about capturing smells, and then how she translates the information into visual smellmaps.
She describes the three categories of smell, the three stages of smellwalking, and the types of people she recruits to give her the data (hint: all noses, including anosmics, are welcome!).
Kate also reveals the interesting projects she's got coming up, which may or may not include Benedictine monks (you'll have to listen to find out!).
This conversation is guaranteed to leave you connecting with your sense of smell in new ways and definitely wanting you to experience your town in a whole new way.  
Visit Dr. Kate McLean's website sensorymaps.com
#70: Smellscapes with Dr. Kate McLean

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