#77: Olfactory Sounds

In this episode, Frauke sits down with choir conductor, vocalist, vocal and piano teacher, and aromatherapist Yuliana Kireyeva to discuss how she translates scents into musical melodies.

Yuliana shares how she smelled everything as a child growing up in Belarus, and reveals what innovative measures she took to create her very first perfume.

She explains in which ways composing music and perfume are similar and different, and clarifies the elements of notes, chords, melodies and dynamics.

Yuliana and Frauke then engage in a fun exercise where they smell 3 scents - lemon, clove, and patchouli - and Yuliana translates their smell into music. They invite you to join along in the exercise, too. 

This episode will have you engaging with scents in a whole new way, and maybe even singing or playing an aromatic tune.

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#77: Olfactory Sounds

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