#79: Digitizing Smell with Alex Wiltschko

In this episode, Frauke sits down with neuroscientist and Google Research spinoff Osmo CEO Alex Wiltschko to discuss the exciting frontier of digitizing smell through artificial intelligence.

Alex shares the groundbreaking work Osmo is doing to help the fragrance industry find new and interesting odor molecules never smelled before.

He discusses where we are in terms of understanding our sense of smell vs. our other senses of sight and sound (hint: it's about where we were with vision in 1820) and the incredible potential he sees in having AI support the artistic work of perfumers, and providing them with the means to be even more creative.

Alex shares how Osmo works exactly, where its potential lies beyond perfumery, and what the future holds for digital noses.

This episode will leave you amazed at what possibilities lie in store for olfaction - we just have to follow our nose.

Learn more about Osmo.
Read the Wired article to learn more about the company.


#79: Digitizing Smell with Alex Wiltschko

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