“For someone who has worked with natural fragrance as long as Frauke has, she brings as a presenter and instructor a remarkable freshness to all things aromatic: she infuses learning with enthusiasm, information with insight, and explanation with experience.

I would highly recommend Frauke's classes to all those seeking to deepen their knowledge of and know-how surrounding essential oils and aromatherapy. Frauke brings clarity, warmth and spirit to her classes, and ensures that no aromatic stone is left unturned.”


Gabriel Mojay
Author "Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit"
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Introduction to Essential Oils

(Free Course)

Whether you're new to essential oils, or you're already using them, this complementary introductory course will give you a foundational understanding of essential oils.

There's so much misinformation on the internet, which leads to over-use and safety issues like irritation, sensitization and worse.

This FREE Introduction to Essential Oils course will not only teach you what essential oils are and how to buy, store and use them, but will also help you truly understand how to best use them safely and effectively. 


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Starting With Aromatherapy

(Introductory Course)

If you’re ready to take your essential oil knowledge to the next level, and you want to integrate holistic aromatherapy into your wellness routine, just like eating healthy and exercising, then I invite you to enroll in my comprehensive Starting With Aromatherapy course.

This is the only aromatherapy program of it’s kind to teach a holistic approach focused, first and foremost, on the needs of the person. You’ll learn an individualized approach, using the proven FALK Framework, to support all kinds of issues with the help of your sense of smell, essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils and nature.

The step-by-step, online, self-study course will give you the confidence and know-how to quickly, easily, and safely integrate aromatherapy for mind, body and spirit in no time.

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Starting With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapeutic Blending with Confidence

(Advanced Class)

 Do you feel hesitant about blending essential oils because you're worried that you'll do it wrong? In this course you'll gain the confidence to blend essential oils with the mind of a Perfumer and the know-how of an Aromatherapist. In no time, you'll learn to feel relaxed and able to blend with fluency and expertise.

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Effective Diffusing

(Introductory Class)

 If you enjoy casually diffusing essential oils, but want to learn more effective techniques, this online class is for you.

Learn how to identify the best types of essential oils to use for which issues, how to diffuse safely, and how to blend for optimal success (no more wasting essential oils!).

If you've been struggling with getting good diffusion (you can’t smell anything after a while), or you want to make more effective blends (that really support you), then join me to learn how to diffuse most effectively.

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Colds & Flu

(NEW! Introductory Class)

If you want to actively support your immunity, but also be ready when symptoms arise, then join me to learn a natural, aromatic approach to making it through the cold & flu season.

You'll learn effective ways to use essential oils (and nature!) to help keep your immune system strong and get holistic relief when you do get sick.

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Pain & Inflammation

(Introductory Class)

 If you've been struggling with muscle pain, joint stiffness, tense and stiff muscles from stress and worry, then join me to learn a natural approach to easing pain & inflammation.

You'll learn effective ways to use essential oils to give you support for many types of acute and chronic pain & inflammation issues.

I'll provide clear explanations and guided steps to help you determine the most effective essential oils to use for each specific issue. And then you'll learn how to make supportive, safe products you can use at home.

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Smell Training

(Program for Anosmics. Hyposmics, and Parosmics)

An email-based 21-day program designed to help you jump-start your smell training and really make it a habit.

Whether you’re new to smell training or you’ve done it before, but have a hard time sticking with it, this program is geared towards helping you make smell training a habit.

You’ll get a framework to set yourself up for success, learn effective smell training techniques, get mindset coaching to help you stick with it and, most importantly, you’ll have a community to keep you motivated and provide encouragement so the habit sticks.

Enrollment now open!

The next session runs from April 10-30, 2023.

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Build Your Smell Muscle

(Introductory Course)

This course is for those who are able to smell and wish to improve their smell-ability.

A healthy sense of smell is directly tied to your health and wellbeing, and is especially important as you age.

This course provides practical exercises you can easily integrate into your everyday life, and, importantly, helps you understand why you're doing it. 

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