Smelling & Wellbeing

Being well is defined as a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. And, most notably, it has a strong mental & emotional component which tells us how satisfied and fulfilled we feel in our life. 

Your sense of smell naturally influences many aspects of your wellbeing, including keeping you safe, providing you pleasure when eating, helping you bond with loved ones, influencing your mood, transporting you to distant memories, and enriching your everyday experiences. 

It's often said that only when you lose it do you realize what you had.

Fundamentally, smelling is in the brain, which means when you actively harness it for wellbeing, you can influence emotional, mental and physical states.   

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A woman smelling the air

Smell & Aromatics

Imagine having an ally at your disposal to support you when you're anxious, unfocused or can't sleep.

Aromatic essences, including those found in nature and essential oils, can be a wonderful tool to work in tandem with your sense of smell to influence wellbeing.

Remember, smelling is in the brain, and depending on the type of odor molecules you smell, the odors can influence your mood, your mental state and, in turn, your physical condition. 


Holistic aromatherapy is the practice of using naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.

Essential oils are a wonderful way to support and enhance your wellbeing. Their therapeutic value has not only been demonstrated through centuries of use, but are now gaining acceptance in clinical settings indicative of their positive results in scientific studies.

There's a lot of misinformation on the internet about what essential oils are, and how to use them safely, which means it's important that you educate yourself on their proper use. 

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Smell Training

Most smell training is reserved for those who've lost their sense of smell. But, in fact, we should be smell training even if we are able to smell.

Our sense of smell is important for so many things, including promoting healthy eating, staying safe, bonding with loved ones, and recalling memories.

Unfortunately, it naturally declines with age, so it's important to treat it like a muscle and maintain its strength. Remember to smell everything!

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