Our sense of smell is one of the most under appreciated senses we have. Host Frauke Galia aims to shed light on this beautiful sense and increase its profile in a culture dominated by sight and sound. 

Every week she explores topics related to the many ways our sense of smell impacts our life, including the ways we perceive the world, how we interpret what we experience, and how we make decisions... every single day.

Join Frauke, and her guests, as she makes sense of the most allusive, yet mesmerizing sense we have. 

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#1: The Underappreciated Sense
In this first episode, Frauke explores why our sense of smell is such an under-appreciated sense in our culture.  She discusses why so many Millennials are willing to give up their sense of smell,  what our language says about what senses we prioritize, what it was like back in time when smells (and smelling) were an integral part of society, and what two periods in history shaped how we value our sense of smell, and smells, today. She also explores what role COVID-19 has played in shifting the conversation about smell.  At the end, Frauke reflects on how we got to where we are today, and offers two simple exercises you can do to apply what you've learned.
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#2: A World With No Smells
In this episode, Frauke talks to comedian Dia Kline about what it feels like to live in a world without smells. It's a fascinating (and hilarious) conversation that explores what it's like to grow up with congenital anosmia, the inability to smell since birth. Dia explains how she interprets smells, despite never having smelled anything, and what its' like to navigate a world surrounded by people who can smell. She shares the first time, as a child, that she realized there was this thing called smells. She takes us through the challenges of being on her own, dating and becoming a mother. And she reveals her curiosity about fragrances and her obsession with armpits. Needless to say, this episode is packed with a punch and plenty of giggles. But don't be fooled because Dia has a message for those of us who can smell, and there's a lot we can learn from her. 
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#3: Why is Smelling So Personal?
In this episode, Frauke discusses why no two people perceive smells the same way, and how it's possible for a person to love the smell of cow manure and hate the smell of roses.  Frauke explains why we're all on our own personal smell journey, and she reveals where that journey begins (you might be surprised!). Learn why it is that not all smells are universally loved, what shapes our scent preferences, and why it even matters. At the end, as always, Frauke will reflect on the learning and provides guidance on how to apply it in your everyday life. 
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#4: How Smelling Influences Eating
In this episode, Frauke discusses the role your sense of smell plays in enjoying food - not only while you're eating, but even when you're preparing it. Frauke explains how we smell two ways, why our perceptions of smells are so different depending on how we smell our food, and she reveals an interesting insight about why humans are so unique in terms of smelling (it involves a bone, speech and choking - can you guess?). Learn how our brain perceives food aromas depending on where it's from, what shapes our enjoyment of food, and why it even matters. The episode also includes a few fun exercises to try out. At the end, as always, Frauke will reflect on the learning and provides guidance on how to apply it in your everyday life, including some cooking tips to enhance your eating experience.
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#5: Why Do We Have 2 Nostrils and How Do They Help Us Smell?
In this episode, Frauke explores why we have two nostrils; why not just one? And she'll explore what that means for how we smell.   She'll discuss:  Why is it that, even though we have two ears and two eyes, having two nostrils is still a little different? Why are our nostrils important for our health?  Why are they important for our safety? What does having two nostrils suggest about how we perceive the world around us?  To wrap up, as always, Frauke offers a simple exercise you can do to apply what you've learned.
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#6: Aromatherapy & Oriental Medicine with Gabriel Mojay
In this episode, Frauke talks to author and renowned Clinical Aromatherapist Gabriel Mojay about all things smell-related through the lens of Aromatherapy intersecting with Oriental Medicine. They dive deep into how essential oils can be integrated with the Traditional Chinese Medicine theories of the 5 Elements and Yin & Yang, as well as explore the concept of fragrance energetics. Gabriel also shares his perspective on how the field of Aromatherapy has changed over the years and what he's most excited about in terms of where it is today. Whether you're familiar with Gabriel's work, or you're being introduced to him for the first time, you'll learn a lot about new ways to harness our sense of smell and essential oils for wellbeing. Plus, you'll gain insights into a more personal side of the man and understand how his journey led him to where he is today. 
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#7: The Science & Education of Perfumery with Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel [Part I]
In Part 1 of a two-part series, Frauke sits down with Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel to have a fun conversation about the science and education of Perfumery. Whether you're interested in a career in Perfumery, or simply interested in how it all works in your everyday life, this episode is packed with information and insights on all things smell and scent. Christophe explains why it's important to understand the science before the art and what journey led him to becoming a Master Perfumer. They debate the age-old tension between naturals and synthetics, compare notes on Perfumery vs. Aromatherapy, and discuss the clinical potential for Aromachology. Christophe helps explain why it's so difficult to describe odors and provides his argument for why smelling isn't as subjective as we think. He shares interesting insights on how our brain plays tricks on us when perceiving odors with different images, and highlights the creation of "olfactory white".  If you listen all the way to the end, Christophe even provides insider tips on how to train your nose.  
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#8: The Art of Perfumery with Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel (Part 2)
In Part 2 of 2, Frauke talks with Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel this time about the Art of Perfumery. Whether you're interested in a career in Perfumery, or simply interested in learning about the art form, this episode is packed with information and insights on all things creative. They discuss why Perfumery is truly an Art and what that means exactly. Christophe shares what options are available to becoming a Perfumer, but more importantly, what you can do everyday to train and open your nose... and your brain. He shares why he created the Perfumery Code of Ethics and what message he’s hoping to send. They discuss what goes into creating a perfume, incl. Christophe’s disdain for the word “brief.” He explains what he believes makes a good perfume and when he knows he’s made an impact. He also talks about being a scent artist and creating scent sculptures, including why he believes this is the purest form of artistic expression.
Don’t forget to listen all the way to the end to learn a more personal side of Christophe,  including what smell he likes most right now, his favorite scent memories, and what 5 smells describe him best.
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#9: The NEW Smell & Taste Association of North America - A Conversation with the Founders
In this episode, Frauke talks to the founders of the new Smell & Taste Association of North America (STANA), Katie Boateng, Pamela Silberman, and Marj Rosner. They discuss why they decided to form the organization, where they currently are in their formation, and what they hope to achieve. You'll learn about their own personal journey with smell loss and why they feel it's so important to have a patient advocacy group here in North America. Whether you're living without the ability to smell, or you can smell, this episode will open your eyes and heart to the importance of working together to bring awareness, compassion and advocacy for those living with anosmia. 
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#10 Oenolfaction (Smelling Wine) with Creative Director Mikel Cirkus
In this episode, Frauke talks to creative director, and wine enthusiast, Mikel Cirkus about all things wine and olfaction. If you enjoy a glass of wine here and there, and you’re interested in training your nose, this episode is for you. Mikel explains how he coined the term oenolfaction and what it is exactly. He reveals how he got into training his nose using wine and what his process is (including his oenotes). He explains the difference between an aroma and a bouquet, and why it’s actually good to swirl your wine before you drink it. Mikel also shares how wine enables multi-sensorial experiences that let you enjoy being in the moment. Be sure to listen all the way to the end to learn about Mikel’s scent memory, which many of us can definitely relate to.
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#11: Scent Memories with Dr. Rachel Herz
In this episode, Frauke sits down with neuroscientist Dr. Rachel Herz to talk about the fascinating topic of scent memories. They discuss the difference between how we process everyday smells vs. scent evoked memories, and why memories triggered by scents are truly more emotional than memories triggered any other way (including music!). Dr. Herz reveals why scent memories formed in the first 10 years of life are so pronounced, and why they're so hard to undo (especially negative ones, ie. PTSD, sexual assault). She shares how we can take positive scent memories and harness them to help us de-stress and be well, and encourages us to actively smell train our nose to improve our sense of smell. Stick around to the end and learn a more personal side of Dr. Herz, as she reveals the 5 smells that best describe her. 
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#12: The Intersection of Smell & Sound with Musician Justin Copeland
In this episode, Frauke sits down with musical artist and fragrance enthusiast Justin Copeland to talk about the intersection of our senses of smell and sound through music and fragrance. Justin explains his approach to music composition and shares insights into how a piece comes together for him (which is not unlike how a fragrance is composed). And he shares how his synesthesia informs what he hears and smells. Justin explains what it means, for him, to experience a good or bad piece of music and fragrance, and offers advice on how to evaluate something you hear, or smell, for the very first time. This is a beautiful conversation about the intersection of sensory experiences which will give you a new appreciation for experiencing the world around you.
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#13: Conservation & Sustainability of Aromatic Medicinal Plants with Dr. Kelly Ablard
In this episode, Frauke talks with conservation biologist and clinical aromatherapist Dr. Kelly Ablard about the conservation and sustainable management of aromatic medicinal plants. Kelly reveals shocking statistics on the state of the planet's biodiversity, the % of aromatic medicinal plants that are threatened, and in some cases near extinction. She clarifies the often confused definitions of conservation and sustainability, as well as shares an example of what can be done, through her Toucan Project, preserving Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) in Peru. If you use essential oils for aromatherapy, natural perfumery, or you simply care about the planet, this episode is a must-listen. You'll not only learn where we stand today, but more importantly, what we can each do to ensure sustainable supply for future generations. Listen all the way to the end to get concrete action items so you can do your part today. 
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#14 Farming & Distilling Aromatic Plants in the Himalayas with Krishana Chaitanya of Nisarga Farms
In this episode, Frauke speaks with the co-founder of Nisarga Farms, Swami Krishana Chaitanya about what it's like to farm and distill aromatic plants in the Himalayan region of India, and to do so with conservation and sustainability in mind. Krishana shares the philosophy of Nisarga Farms, including why they believe small batch production is the way to go. And he reveals what it takes to inspire farmers to grow aromatic plants at all. He also explains what it means to be an AromaTechnologist, and what it takes to grow aromatic plants in different regions of the Himalayas. Krishana takes Frauke through the intriguing and inspiring growing cycle of the delicate Jasmine sambac, and reveals the impact climate change is having on production in the region. Listen all the way to the end and hear Krishana share his 5 (well, maybe 8) favorite smells that describe him. This is an absolute must-listen episode if you've always wanted to hear an up close and personal account of working with aromatic plants. 
*Note: F.A.L.K. Aromatherapy is not an affiliate of Nisarga Farms and received no compensation for this interview.
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#15 A Journey of Smell Loss with Fifth Sense Founder Duncan Boak
In this episode, Frauke sits down with Fifth Sense Founder Duncan Boak to talk about his journey of smell loss. He opens up about the weeks, months and years following his smell loss, how he coped (and didn't), and reveals the catalyst that led him to create the charity Fifth Sense. This is an honest conversation about the ups and downs of living with smell loss, while remaining focused with purpose and hope. They talk about recalling scent memories, doing smell training, and leveraging the sense of taste to bring joy to eating. Listen all the way to the end where Duncan shares his message to the smelling community.
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#16: Scent Walking
In this episode, Frauke discusses the benefits of scent walking, an activity she coined after years of practice. Unlike walking, which on its own has many wonderful health benefits, scent walking incorporates the element of smelling purposefully, giving the added reward of letting you be in the moment and connecting with your surroundings. Frauke explains why putting your attention on smelling has physical, mental and emotional benefits to support your wellbeing. And she'll guide you through the elements of smell walking, finishing the episode by taking you along on a walk in her (very hilly) neighborhood to explain how it's done.
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#17: Vibrational Perfumery with Perfumer Yosh Han
In this episode, Frauke sits down with Perfumer Yosh Han to discuss Vibrational Perfumery. She explains what it means to use your intuition and how to activate it using your sense of smell. Yosh shares how she approaches vibrational perfumery in her work to amplify a person’s intention, and to help shift their energy. And she describes the importance of using the right oils for each intention. Listen all the way to the end to learn what unique smell is Yosh's favorite at the moment. You might be surprised.
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#18: On Words, Smells and Blindness with Writer Dr. M. Leona Godin
In this episode, Frauke sits down with writer, performer, and educator Dr. M. Leona Godin to talk about being blind in an ocularcentric culture and why she's drawn to all things smell. She reveals what sense of smell means to her and why it took her so long to appreciate its beauty and value. Frauke and Leona discuss why scent descriptions aren't very common in literature, why it's so hard to put words to odors, and why it's important to give space and energy to our sense of smell. Leona also talks about creating her literary project Aromatica Poetica and why it was so important for her to level the playing field with our sense of sight. This is an enlightening conversation about moving beyond seeing the world around you and embracing all things smell. 
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#19: How To Tap Into Positive Scent Memories To Feel Good
In this episode, Frauke shares how you can use your positive scent memories to support your emotional wellbeing. She shares why it's beneficial to use your scent memories to influence different emotional states including anxiety, stress and worry. And, no worries, if you feel like you don't have any scent memories to access (hint: you do, indeed!) because Frauke takes you through various exercises that can help you explore and uncover scent memories you may not even remember you had. Lastly, and most importantly, she'll tell you want you can do with those new-found scent memories and how to apply them as a tool for your everyday wellbeing.
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#20: Scent Journaling for Mental Wellbeing & Creativity
In this episode, Frauke shares how you can enhance your journaling experience through the use of scent. She explains the mental health benefits of journaling and the various ways you can incorporate the scent of essential oils to help boost the flow of words to paper. Frauke takes you through two distinct types of scent journaling that she's practiced over the years (and that she recommends to her students), each showcasing the role of scent in different ways. She shares what scents to choose and gives a detailed explanation of how to do the exercises. Whether for anxiety, stress, depression grief, or creativity, if you're looking to expand your journaling practice in new ways, or simply looking to try journaling for the first time, Frauke will show you how using your sense of smell, and scents, takes journaling to a whole new level. 
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#21: Scent Meditation for Calm & Concentration
In this episode, Frauke explains the concentrative meditation technique of scent meditation. She reveals the mental health benefits of meditating and shares how focusing on scents helps calm the mind and increase concentration. Frauke shares what types of essential oils are best to use for what situation, and then takes you through the scent meditation exercise step-by-step. Whether you're already meditating and are interested in an another approach, or you've never meditated before, Frauke will show you how using your sense of smell, and scents, makes meditating not only less intimidating, but an enjoyable everyday practice to incorporate into your wellness routine.
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#22 Foodwalking with Writer and Culinary Explorer Kevin Cox
In this episode, Frauke sits down with Writer and Culinary Explorer Kevin Cox to discuss the art of foodwalking. Kevin explains what foodwalking is exactly, how he coined the term (Anthony Bourdain approves), and then shares how to go about foodwalking whether you're in your own home town or exploring new places. Frauke and Kevin discuss what role our sense of smell can play in the joy of food exploration and discovery, and reflect on why certain aromas influence what we'll try and what we won't. Listen all the way to the end to learn what the grossest food was that Kevin has ever tried (and he's tried A LOT), and what was his unexpected favorite. This episode will leave you hungry and wanting to start walking immediately.
Gus4tkdrlsuukdovskwg podcast episode 23 ig post
#23 Living an Aromatic Life with Entrepreneur & Perfumer Anu Prestonia
In this episode, Frauke sits down with Entrepreneur & Perfumer Anu Prestonia to talk about living an aromatic life. Anu shares her journey to becoming more connected to scents and smelling, including what led her to start her own perfume line. She reveals what her sense of smell means to her, and how she's connected with it over the years. Anu also shares her creative process for fragrance creation and how spirituality and nature are her guide. If you're interested in living a more aromatic life, filled with everyday moments of joy, then this episode will be your inspiration.  This is a heartfelt conversation with two dear friends who will motivate you to be led by your nose. 
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#24 On Passion for Scent & Community with Glenn Davis aka Mrcologne76
In this episode, Frauke sits down with Glenn Davis, aka Mrcologne76 to talk about taking a lifelong passion for fragrance and harnessing it to create a unique voice and community around scent. Glenn shares his memories of the smells he experienced in his early years growing up in Trinidad, and during his time in the Navy in Hawaii, Japan, and Spain. And he reveals the special person who got him hooked on fragrances at a very early age. He shares what it means to be a nurse and how fragrance plays a part in the work that he does. Glenn also explains what path led him to take his personal passion for fragrance and turn it into a leading, credible, and trusted voice in the fragrance community. He shares why you shouldn't pay attention to all those marketing ads and, instead, simply enjoy what you smell. You'll get tips on how to evaluate fragrances, how to approach new, unfamiliar scents (yes, it's about being open-minded), and how to evolve your scent preferences with time. Don't forget to listen all the way to the end to learn what 5 scents best describe Glenn. You may, or may not, be surprised! This episode will leave you feeling inspired to take your aromatic passions and letting them blossom into your own authentic voice.   
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#25 Honoring and Amplifying Black Stories through Scent with Tiffany Griffin
In this episode, Frauke sits down with Bright Black co-founder/co-owner Tiffany Griffin to talk about using scent as a medium to tell stories, honor memories, and spark conversation. Tiffany explains what sense of smell means to her and how she harnesses the power of scent in her candle business. She also reveals what moments in her life journey led her to ultimately use scent as an artistic medium, with the goal to improve the human condition and amplify black stories. Tiffany shares her creative process for identifying the scent stories she wants to tell, and gives a sneak peak of what's coming next. This episode will leave you appreciating the power of scent to tell stories, honor people & places, and spark conversation.