Having difficulties with your sense of smell?


If you've been diagnosed with a smell dysfunction by your doctor or ENT, you may have been advised to try smell training.  

One-on-one smell coaching can bridge the gap between you and your doctor by providing holistic, personalized support for your smell training, and more, helping to set you up for the greatest chance of success. 


"A personal trainer for your nose"

Who is Smell Coaching best suited for?


Scientific studies have shown that smell training - and so too smell coaching - is best suited for the following diagnoses:

  • Those with acquired anosmia (smell loss) due to post-viral infections, incl. COVID, and some instances of head trauma-related smell loss.

  • Those with hyposmia (weak smell), due to natural age-related decline in smell-ability, as well as from allergies, smoking, drug use, cancer treatments, toxic chemical and excess pollution exposure, even early evidence of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

  • Those with parosmia (distorted smell) due to post-viral infections, incl. COVID, as well as from smoking, cancer treatments, and chemical exposure.
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What does a Smell Coach do?


As your smell coach, my focus is to be your personal olfactory cheerleader, guide, and partner in helping you move towards your olfactory potential.

I help you identify where to begin, set holistic goals, and then create and guide you in implementing a personal plan of action to move you towards those goals, all while helping you stay motivated and inspired to make progress.

My ultimate aim, of course, is to move you beyond a specific goal and instead help you transform to embody an identity (developed together), which will allow you to maintain the progress that you’ve made.

What Smell Coaching does not do

It's important to know that, as your smell coach, I won't be providing any medical or psychological services or advice (I'll leave that to your doctor and/or ENT).

And the aim of smell coaching is not to prevent, cure, or treat any mental or medical conditions. Nor is it intended to be a substitute for any professional advice that can be provided by your own medical professional.

Meet your coach


As a certified aromatherapist, and fragrance industry veteran, Frauke combines her in-depth knowledge of smell training with a compassionate approach that is focused on mindfulness and holistic wellbeing. 

Frauke is a Professional Champion for the UK non-profit Fifth Sense, a charity focused on supporting those with smell and taste disorders, and in 2020 created the 21-Day Jump-Start Smell Training Program, which has helped hundreds of people with smell dysfunction learn to make smell training a habit. 


A coaching approach guided by the F.A.L.K. Framework

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Lift the spirit.

Having a smell dysfunction can be emotionally draining and discouraging. Which is why it’s critically important to work on your emotional wellbeing, so you have the power to shift your attitude and determination in positive ways.

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Focus the mind.

Our thoughts have the power to shape our experiences and outcomes. Which is why it’s critically important to have the right mindset, so that you stay engaged, motivated, and inspired to press forward and make progress. 

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Rebalance the body.

Our life is first and foremost embodied, and how we sense the world has a direct impact on our physical wellbeing. Which is why living with a smell dysfunction means it’s critically important to harness your other senses as you improve your sense of smell to nourish, protect and resolve physical imbalances.

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Make connections.

Having a smell dysfunction can feel isolating and “less than” in a world that doesn’t understand. Which is why it’s critically important to not only learn to show compassion and kindness towards yourself, but to also have strategies for engaging with people, so you can more confidently connect and enjoy time with others. 

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