On-Demand Class

How To Diffuse Essential Oils Effectively & Safely



Do you wish you could get more out of diffusing your essential oils?

Whether you're new to diffusing or you're a seasoned pro, this online class is for you. You'll learn how to harness your sense of smell to most effectively diffuse essential oils, so that you can get more therapeutic value from them.

I'll provide clear explanations and guided steps to help you identify the best types of essential oils to use for which issues, how to diffuse safely, and how to blend for optimal success (no more wasting essential oils!).

If you've been struggling with getting good diffusion (you can’t smell anything after a while), or you want to make more effective blends (that really support you), then join me to learn how to diffuse most effectively.

In This Class



How Your Sense of Smell Plays a Key Role in Effective Diffusing

You learn how your sense of smell works and how it influences what you smell and don't smell.


How To Blend For Optimal Diffusion

I’ll teach you my tried and trusted perfumery tricks so you get the most out of your essential oils.


How To Choose The Right Essential Oils For Different Needs

Learn how to identify which essential oils are right for your emotional, mental and physical concerns. Plus, I’ll share some of my favorite recipes.  


How to Confidently Dose For Safe Inhalation

I'll teach you the right amount of essential oil to use, whether it's for a child, adult, the elderly or pets.


How to Choose The Right Diffuser

I’ll teach you about the most popular types of diffusers on the market and tell you what essential oils work best in which. 

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • If you’re new to aromatherapy and want to begin diffusing essential oils
  • If you currently diffuse essential oils and want to learn more effective approaches
  • If you want effective emotional support for issues like anxiety, grief and anger
  • If you want effective mental support for issues like worry, overthinking or sleeplessness
  • If you want effective physical support for respiratory issues like cold & flu




Register today for just $39 and you'll receive:

  • 45 minute video lecture.
  • worksheet you can print out so you can follow along during the class and help let the information really sink in.
  • Ongoing access to the class so you can go back and review the information anytime.
  • A cheat sheet of the most popular diffusers on the market.
  • 2 diffuser blend recipes


You'll receive an extensive list of high-quality aromatherapy resources so you can immediately put into action what you've learned. 


"The class was great! I learned a ton and it makes me want to incorporate using essential oils and aromatherapy more in my life."

Maria P.

"The best and most passionate about sharing knowledge."

Munir A.

"Overall the workshop was exactly what I was looking for."

A Note From The Instructor...

Hello! My name is Frauke Galia and I'm passionate about teaching. I'm a Level II Certified Professional Aromatherapist and member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists  (NAHA).

I've spent over 20 years in and around the fragrance industry and I want to teach you tried and trusted blending tricks of the trade.

I created F.A.L.K. Aromatherapy with the sole mission to educate, engage and empower you to make informed choices that support your well-being with the help of nature and essential oils.

I don't sell essential oils, just teach, because I want you to have the option to choose what's right for you. 

It is my goal to provide you with the tools you need to help you to focus, to rebalance, to re-connect and to be well.