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6 sessions   |   Holistic Support   |   $450

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A holistic coaching package is recommended for those who are interested in a more integrative smell coaching approach using the F.A.L.K. framework. The coaching focuses on improving the emotional, mental, physical, and environmental aspects related to your smell dysfunction, with the aim to realize progress in your olfactory health and overall wellbeing.   

Why a holistic approach?


Your life is lived holistically, which means your smell coaching should reflect that.

Smell training may be all about the physical act of smelling odors in repetition to improve olfactory function, but it's also tied to how you feel and show up every day, as well as the mindset you have around the training, not to mention the nutritional influence and social obstacles you might be facing.

So, yes, smell training is a physical activity. But the truth is, it's so much more than that.

The Framework


Using the holistic F.A.L.K. framework we'll work on 4 pillars of wellbeing while you continue smell training: 

Emotionally: how do you want to feel and show up every day?

Mentally: what mindset do you want to have?

Physically: what progress do you want to make in your olfactory health?

Environmentally: what nutritional hurdles and social obstacles do you want to overcome?

A Personalized Roadmap


Each person's situation is unique and personal. Which is why the holistic approach to smell coaching is tailored to your individual needs. And it's these needs that ultimately inform the goals you create for yourself.

Upon registration and completion of the intake form, we'll spend the 1st session mapping out your short, mid, and long term goals. 

Together we'll outline where you want to be in 6 weeks, in 6 months, and in 1 year as it relates to your emotional, mental, physical and environmental wellbeing, and then we'll create an action plan accordingly.

The remaining 5 sessions will then focus on executing the action plan to meet those goals, with each session focused on keeping you on track.

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