Smell the Possibilities

Using Scent for Wellbeing



At FALK Aromatherapy we focus on holistic personal wellbeing, utilizing essential oils to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.

We recognize that, in an increasingly demanding and complex world, we are more stressed, anxious, sleep-deprived and depleted than ever before. We are living in a time of technology and information overload, feeling the need to stay connected 24/7.  As a result, we are increasingly disconnected from ourselves, our family, our friends and our environment.

Our aim is to work with communities and corporations to empower individuals by providing tools that help to focus, to rebalance, to re-connect and to be well. We do this by engaging people with aromatic plants, and through their essential oils, as a means of promoting wellbeing and vitality.

It is our intention to connect people with nature, and through nature, connect people with more of themselves.


Our Pillars



FEELING - lesly-juarez-220845-unsplash.jpg

To feel is to heal. It is to be alive. Emotional wellbeing is an integral part of holistic health. We recognize that by using essential oils and their aromas, our sense of smell has the power to connect with our emotions and memories in a way that none of our other senses can. 


Knowledge through learning gives greater awareness

Gaining knowledge and perspective to support our health is empowering and enlightening. In an age of misinformation, we believe in teaching evidence-based facts to make informed decisions. Because it is not enough to merely know, but amazing to truly understand.


The value of human beings and plants

We appreciate and honor the existence and beauty of every human being and every plant. We recognize that we are inextricably linked to one another, rely upon each other, and must support each other. Importantly, we must be respectful, giving back as much as we take. 


Be kind to yourself and others

We understand that generosity and concern begin with ourselves. We must give to ourselves first so that we may then give to others. We believe in the power of empathy and caring. And we practice mindfulness through compassion for oneself, for others and for mother earth. 







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