21-Day Jump-Start

Smell Training Program


July 12 - Aug 1, 2021



Learn to make smell training a habit

Many studies have now shown that smell training can be beneficial if you've lost your sense of smell. While there’s no guarantee that smell training will restore your sense of smell, many people have seen positive results.

It's long-term smell training (at least 56 weeks) that seems to be associated with better results, which means that making smell training a part of your everyday routine - making it a habit - is an instrumental part of staying the course. 

In This Jump-Start Program



A Framework to Set Yourself Up For Success

You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of putting together your smell kit, when to optimally do the smell training and how to stay consistent so you begin to make it a habit.


Effective Smell Training Techniques

You’ll learn the right way to sniff, how to stay mentally focused and how to draw on scent memories.


Mindset Coaching

Smell training is hard when you can’t smell, and requires commitment and motivation with no guarantees. You'll learn what to tell yourself, which is as much a part of the journey as the act itself.



It can feel isolating to smell train, so you'll have fellow smell trainers sharing in the journey for emotional support and encouragement. 



You'll learn how to make the most out of focusing your attention on smelling just 3 minutes a day. Because it's about your overall wellbeing as much as it is about getting your smell back.


Daily Inspiration

Day-to-day focus is the key. You'll get 21 days of inspirational emails, with tips, to keep you engaged and motivated to keep going.

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"For me a big part of joining the smell training program was that I wouldn't be doing it by myself. I've tried smell training on and off over the years, and it didn't go very well. To know that there are other smell trainers doing it with me was important, and to know that Frauke was there as a guide, that was really critical. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting support and guidance in making smell training a habit. "

Katie Boateng
Smell Trainer, Acquired Anosmic, Host of The Smell Podcast

"The one apprehension I had was when they said it could take a year. I didn't know if it was going to be worth my time doing it every day and not smell anything. I wasn't looking forward to that. But as soon as I made the connection that it was also a mindfulness exercise, which could help my overall wellbeing, then all that went away."

Debra N.
Smell Trainer, Acquired Anosmic

Who Is This Jump-Start Program For?

  • If you’ve lost your sense of smell (acquired anosmia).

  • If you have a very weak sense of smell (hyposmia).
  • If you’ve tried smell training, but are having trouble staying committed.

  • If you’re new to smell training and want to start off right. 

  • If you’re looking for a community to connect with to help keep you motivated and provide encouragement .


Note: this smell training is not recommended for congenital anosmics as there’s no evidence that smell training will be effective. 




Join the 21-day program for just $45 and you'll get:
  • Pre-program set-up support and guidance.
  • E-journal/workbook to record progress and keep motivated.
  • 21 days of inspirational emails.
  • Private FB group to connect with others doing smell training.
  • 3 recorded motivational mindset coaching sessions from Frauke.
Free re-registration to future smell training sessions for ongoing support and motivation, if you like.
* Please note that this program does not guarantee that you will gain the ability to smell. It is strictly a jump-start program to make smell training more of a habit.



Meet Your Guide...

Hello! My name is Frauke Galia and I am a Certified Aromatherapist and founder of FALK Aromatherapy, an online resource for harnessing your sense of smell for well-being and joy.   

I’ve spent more than 20 years in and around the fragrance industry honing my smelling skills. And while I do have the ability to smell, I’m mindful that there are many who’ve lost this ability. 

I’m passionate about supporting the anosmic community and want to use all that I've learned about smelling and essential oils to support you in effective smell training. 

And as an ambassador for the U.K. charity FifthSense, my aim is to help bring more awareness and compassion for people who are affected by the inability to smell.

I hope you'll join me in making smell training a habit.