Feel more joy, vitality, and calm

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Starting With Aromatherapy


The step-by-step online course to help you quickly, easily, and safely integrate holistic aromatherapy into your wellness routine.

It's the only aromatherapy program of it’s kind to teach a holistic approach focused, first and foremost, on the needs of the person.

Before I tell you more about this unique program, let me share with you who this course is really for…


You want to feel more joy, vitality and calm in your life, and are tired of scouring the internet for conflicting tips and random recipes, and instead are ready to go beyond just diffusing and really integrating aromatherapy into your wellness routine, just like eating well and exercising regularly, because you want a truly holistic, personalized approach to addressing your wellness needs that provides effective support. 


Whether you’re


  • Completely new to aromatherapy and have never used your sense of smell and essential oils before to support your wellbeing, but you’ve heard good things about it and want to gain a solid foundation from the start.

  • Just casually diffusing essential oils, but want to deepen your understanding, and expand your aromatic toolkit beyond just diffusing, so you have more options to support you for all kinds of emotional, mental and physical issues. 


You’re in the right place. I’m going to tell you exactly how Starting with Aromatherapy can empower you to effectively (yes! It should work) add aromatic wellness to your daily life in a safe, flexible and personalized way.

(By the way, it doesn’t have to cost a lot and require lots of products.)

By the end of this program, you will…


  • Have a comprehensive aromatic toolkit at your disposal

    That really supports you (like a best friend), is flexible and adaptive to personally serve you and those you care about, that’s high quality (so the tools actually work), and, most importantly, that you really understand how to use.
  • Feel confident in using the tools safely

    Because you know what to watch out for, and what to avoid, as well as how much to use or not to use because you know what’s right for different types of people you want to help (including yourself).
  • Be able to identify a holistic approach to addressing your issue(s)

    That’s completely personalized and focused on you and your needs because you’ll have a framework to help guide you so you’re able to set yourself up for the greatest chance of success.
  • Be able to create a variety of aromatic applications using that aromatic toolkit

    That give you versatility and options based on your lifestyle, that are easy to make, and don’t require a lot of resources.

"The course was great!
I learned a ton and it makes me want to incorporate aromatherapy and using essential oils more in my life."

- Maria P, student

"The best and most passionate about sharing knowledge."

Munir A, student


"Having some exposure to essential oils, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I could still learn!"

Monica T, student

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What’s Inside Starting With Aromatherapy 


Step 1

Understanding Your Tools

“It’s better to understand something than to just know it”

The course begins with a deep-dive into understanding the five primary tools you’ll use in aromatherapy.

Because having access to an aromatherapy toolkit gives you options and flexibility to address any kind of wellness issue you face in a more holistic way.

You’ll better understand which tool to use to support what situation, so you make the best choice for you and the people you love.

And by really understanding the ins and outs of your tools, you’ll use them more effectively to get results. 

Step 1 Highlights:

  • Understand what the tools are exactly. You’ll learn how each aromatherapy tool is different from the other and what their primary role is in aromatherapy. Knowing this gives you choices when you’re deciding on a person’s individual needs.

  • Understand how the tools work. Knowing how the aromatherapy tools function lets you use them safely and effectively. You’ll learn just enough chemistry (I make it really easy to understand, I promise) to help you know why they do what they do to help you. This is important for more effective blending, safe application and using them for the right situation. 

  • Understand how to buy high-quality tools and how to take care of them. When you work with high-quality tools you get better results, it’s that simple. You’ll learn what to look for when buying, and then how to take care of them for optimal benefit. 
Step 2

Following Safety Precautions

“Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”

The course then continues with an in-depth explanation of the safety measures you need to take when using your tools, specifically on which type of person.

Because when you know what to watch out for, you’re not as worried about causing harm.

Please remember that just because something comes from nature, doesn’t mean it’s always safe (think poison ivy).

In the end, you’ll build confidence in creating effective aromatherapy applications based on individual guidelines.

Step 2 Highlights:

  • Understand why we use natural, and not synthetic, oils in aromatherapy. Learn the difference between the two, and what function each serves, so you know what you’re buying for safe use. 

  • Gain a foundational understanding of safety precautions for different types of people. Whether it’s general safety measures for healthy adults, or more susceptible persons like pregnant women, babies, children, the elderly, or those with medical conditions. When you know what to consider, you’ll make safer choices.

  • Learn about the various inhalation and skin issues that can arise. When you’re able to recognize the different types of safety issues that can come up, you’ll be better equipped to look out for them, and avoid them altogether. 

  • Learn safe inhalation dosing and skin dilution. Knowing how many drops of essential oil to use for which situation, and which type of person, gives you the confidence to make safe and effective aromatherapy applications, no matter who the person is or what their issue is.
Step 3

Defining Your Approach

"Our intention creates our reality”

In the next step of the course you’re ready to shift the focus on you, the person.

Aromatherapy is holistic, and is focused on supporting the whole person, emotionally, mentally and physically.

So, when you’re deciding on how to support an issue you have (whether it’s anxiety, stress, sleep or pain), you’re going to want to come at it from many different angles to get the most help. 

Step 3 Highlights:

  • Gain the confidence to choose the right approach quickly. You’ll learn the proven FALK Framework to help guide you in deciding what to do with more ease, more certainty and more success. It’s a holistic framework centered on the person, which can be used time and time again to help you make the best choices, fast.

  • Understand how to set your intention based on your personal circumstances. No one-size-fits all aromatherapy here. You’ll learn to take an aromatherapist approach to every issue by creating a targeted, individual plan of action with clear objectives to support any issue you have, effectively. 

  • Create a personalized, holistic Plan of Approach that gets you targeted support. You’ll learn about the different kinds of aromatherapy inhalation and skin application methods, and learn which is best to use when. That’ll give you the confidence to easily choose the right approach for each intention, and will let you easily set yourself up for success.
Step 4

Creating Your Support

"Nothing ever becomes real until it’s experienced.”

In the final step of the course it’s all about action. It’s time to execute your personal plan. 

You’ll learn to apply your aromatherapy tools and create a variety of applications that let you easily adapt and adjust a plan anytime, for better results. Because the more options you have for applying your aromatherapy tools, the greater the likelihood of success.

Step 4 Highlights:

  • Blend with the confidence of a Perfumer. You’ll learn the foundational tricks and tips from my time in the perfume industry to help you combine essential oils most effectively. And you’ll have the know-how to use the right oils for the right applications, while having the confidence to troubleshoot with ease.

  • Learn to make the core aromatherapy products. Simplicity is the name of the game. You’ll have clear instructions on how to create the basic inhalation and skin applications that you can adapt for all kinds of wellness issues. Importantly, you’ll learn to minimize your resources and do more with less.

  • Add aromatherapy to existing wellness modalities. You’ll learn how to incorporate an aromatic aspect to the popular wellness practices of mediation and mindfulness, as well as harness Mother Nature herself.  

When you enroll today you’ll get:


Starting With Aromatherapy
($1,390 value)


  • 4 Implementation Steps

    To quickly get you to start integrating aromatherapy into your everyday life, and to give you the support you need for a variety of emotional, mental and physical issues. 

  • A Complete Step-by Step Program

    Which gives you the confidence to know how to address any wellness issue you have from the perspective of, you, the person, using a variety of aromatherapy tools for support. 
  • The FALK Framework and Plan of Approach

    To help guide you in addressing any issue in a holistic way so that you set yourself up for the greatest likelihood of success. 
  • Simple and clear instructions on creating a core set of aromatherapy applications

    So you can quickly start implementing your plan and begin to feel more joy, vitality and calm in your life.

Private, Student-Only Community Forum

($150 value)

Enjoy a place to connect and exchange ideas in a supportive, private environment (not in Facebook). 

How This Helps You:

  • Creates connection to others. Just because it’s a self-study course doesn't mean it has to be a lonely experience. The forum is a place to ask questions, exchange ideas, and share experiences with like-minded students who are also going through the course.
  • Increases motivation. There’s something about knowing others are on the journey with you that’s reassuring. Think of it like when you exercise - you’re more likely to do it if someone is there to join you than if you have to go at it alone. 

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Plus You’ll Be Backed By A Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

I'm certain that Starting With Aromatherapy will give you the confidence and know-how to start integrating aromatherapy into a long-term healthy lifestyle. 

Within 6-8 weeks you will have built a foundation that lets you confidently integrate aromatherapy for a myriad of personal wellness issues. 

And even within 30 days you will have gained a deep understanding of 5 important aromatherapy tools and you should have the confidence to create a Plan of Approach to address any issue, all with support from me and the student community.

However, if for some reason you're not satisfied, you may request a refund up to 30 days from program purchase, subject to proof that you have done some work in the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Still thinking about it?

Starting With Aromatherapy is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You're new to aromatherapy and you want to start right.
  2. You want to go beyond just casually diffusing essential oils and use them, and other aromatherapy tools, in a truly holistic way.
  3. You love to use your sense of smell and want to harness it for your wellbeing.
  4. You're already dedicated to improving your personal wellbeing through healthy eating and exercise, and want to integrate an aromatic dimension.
  5. You want to build confidence and know-how to apply aromatherapy for many different kinds of emotional, mental and physical issues.
  6. You enjoy connecting with nature and its aromatic essences.
  7. You thrive on step-by-step instruction.

I Can’t Wait To Be Your Guide

Aromatherapy is one of the most beautiful and rewarding practices I’ve ever experienced. 

As a Level II Certified Aromatherapist and passionate teacher (I don't sell essential oils, just teach), who’s spent more than 20 years in and around the fragrance industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand what nature, its scents, and the purposeful act of smelling can do for your wellbeing. 

I’ve seen how it can make seemingly overwhelming, stressful days into more calming and “I’m going to be ok” experiences. How it can take the edge off physical pain, help increase focus and concentration, as well as help relieve sleepless nights.

Aromatherapy isn’t meant to cure anything. No, that’s not it’s role. Aromatherapy is meant to help you heal, to help you rebalance, and to help you reconnect with yourself. 

Not only has aromatherapy been a best friend to me in times of need, but it’s allowed me to integrate it into my daily life for improved wellbeing. 

If you’re new to aromatherapy, or you’re already diffusing essential oils, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free step to see what a life with aromatherapy can look like. 

To experience firsthand the joy, vitality and calm that it provides. And to take real, tangible steps to integrate it into your everyday life. 

If you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that you'll have the tools and practices at your disposal to enhance your wellbeing in so many new, and positive, ways. 

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Starting With Aromatherapy

All my best,

Frauke Galia

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