F.A.L.K. Aromatherapy is Committed to Conservation & Sustainability

As an educational institution dedicated to teaching people how to harness their sense of smell with the support of nature and aromatic botanicals, F.A.L.K. Aromatherapy is committed to connecting its students more deeply with nature, and with its aromatic medicinal plants.

We recognize that creating that connection comes with a great responsibility to also educate students about the role they play, with every buying decision, in the conservation and future supply of these revered plants.

We are committed to a holistic approach to teaching that ensures students understand that, with each drop used, there are not only precious plants, but also farmers and communities involved.

At a time when the demand for essential oils is greater than ever, we pledge to support the Airmid Institute in bringing more awareness, respect and compassion for the conservation and sustainable management of medicinal and aromatic plants to ensure availability for generations to come.


Using essential oils means being a steward for the environment. It means being a champion for the plant and an advocate for the people and the communities those plants serve.

And, perhaps most importantly, it means being a protector so that the children, and their children, can enjoy the benefits of the plants, and their essential oils, for generations to come.

Listen to my conversation with Dr. Kelly Ablard from the Airmid Institute about the conservation & sustainable use of aromatic medicinal plants.

Listen to the Conversation Here
a plant in dirt on a white background
Chart on how to re-use your essential oils

Responsibility & Commitment

Using essential oils means taking responsibility for how much you consume. "Less is more" is always my motto. And purchasing small size bottles provide more vibrancy and doesn’t waste precious plant material.

It also means being committed to the environment by disposing of expired essential oil liquid appropriately and repurposing or recycling essential oil bottles accordingly.


Learn 5 Ways To Use Essential Oils Sustainably

'Spring Clean' Your Essential Oils

It's incredibly important to maintain and work with a vibrant set of essential oils. That's because it's the vibrancy that gives you the benefits.

If you've had your essential oils for a while now and you want to get a fresh start, I've got a step-by-step process that I take once a year to "spring clean" my essential oil supply.

Download my guide to learn how to take inventory of what you have, identify their shelf life, group them, and sustainably use or dispose of every single bottle - including those oils that have expired.


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